My brother’s house

Let me go on by saying the house he lives in was owned by our great aunt and uncle. They purchased the house back in 1971 from an attorney that was selling it for his client who was in a nursing home. When they finally settled all purchasing agreements and all that good stuff the only thing that the family took was a car that was in the garage and some items from the house. Basically the house still had all the furniture, dishes, towels, it was completely furnished. Now by the time I came along the story was Mr. Lucas the original home owner haunted the small dwelling. As a child this scared the HELL out of me. The house really wasn’t big, 5 rooms that connected too the dinning room (6 rooms total). I remember going to the bathroom which is right off the dinning room and my family being in the dinning room playing cards and the sink would turn on, I mean like I watched the handles on the sink move!

A bit of Haunted History

I am going to fast forward to 1996, my uncle fell into a comatose state one night. He had just got home from work, went in to wash his hands in the bathroom. My aunt was fixing their plates of food when she heard a thud. My uncle had collapsed…he never woke back up (making a very long story short). My poor aunt had to have hospice pull the plug, he was a veggie. He died in Jan of 1997.

Fast forward again to 2007, I had just lost my job and apartment. I could not move back in with my parents considering they had two other children in a two bedroom house. I had no place there. So my aunt who had been bugging me to come stay with her for the last year finally got her wish. Plus, I found out someone robbed her and didn’t want that to happen again so I figured it would be good for us both….keep each other company. Well one night while watching the food network channel I had asked her about Mr. Lucas and if he was still in the house. She told me when my uncle had passed everything stopped, it was like my uncle had taken Mr. Lucas with him. The child in me was a little relieved to hear that. Well my aunt was sick, her diabetes had gotten to her liver and her legs would swell up, she would become distorted and forget who I was at times (Sighs, that brings back some hard memories for me). I was her main caregiver since I lived there with her. I had been up for days on end taking care of her, she would get up in the middle of the night and fall down just walking on the carpet so there was hardly any sleep for me. This one particular night I finally was able to close my eyes for a bit…..I was laid up on my bed getting ready to drift off………………………when all of a sudden my light switch started clicking as if someone was quickly going up and down with the switch. I open my eyes to see if it was my aunt who was good about getting out of her bed. Now I am staring at this switch going up and down with no help from a person. I jumped up and stopped it. Decided to go make some coffee and when I walked out of my room I seen my aunt on the floor doubled over.


My brother now lives in there house. He has his son and his girlfriend and her son that live there. They were telling me how her 2 year old boy will not go into the bathroom because he is scared. He acts like someone in standing in the door way. There have been times where they hear someone walking on through the house (all hardwood floors). One night they thought the boys were up playing in the bedroom when in fact the boys were sleeping. Multiple times have they felt like someone was watching them, and they get very weird feelings going to the back porch (which is where the basement stairs are located). Just an off feeling, it is hard to describe, it is something you just have to feel for yourself. My brother don’t want to mess with what is in the house but his girlfriend does. She wants to get a video, or picture or some type of recording of the ghost or thing. I hope she gets something soon!



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