Update on my house


1. I was laying in the spare room watching YouTube and heard people talking. Yes, there are three others living there but it was 2:45 a.m. and they were all asleep…not even light sleepers or sleep talkers…so naturally, I go looking for where it was coming. I could not pin point the area. I even went as far as going outside to see if my neighbors were outside. Nothing! So I went back and laid down and and went to sleep. I just dismissed it really as neighbors.

2. I was in the kitchen making coffee, it was about 5 a.m. a little before and out of the corner of my eye I see someone. So I turn my head to see who it was and to say good morning and there was nothing there. I am annoyed. There are two people live downstairs and since they work nights I knew it wasn’t them plus I didn’t hear the basement door open and shut. Spouse was passed out, since we have wooden floors that creek I would have heard her walk through the house. I have no clue at this point.

3. The girl and guy that live downstairs had an incident one night. Let me start off by saying they have cats, these cats have been pretty trained by going to bed with them when they get off work…she has had them since they were born. Anyways, back to the situation…they were suddenly woke up to the cats being startled awake and basically peeling out on them. She ended up getting some major scratches from them. She said they hid and she could not get them to come out from where they were hiding. (I really hate that basement).

4. Today my phone answered itself….that has never happened before. Not sure if that was a paranormal thing or technical thing. But my phone was in the garage and I was in the kitchen with the other three people and when I went out to grab my phone my mom was yelling for me to answer. I am hoping that was a technical thing!

That is it for now on the house….I will keep you updated!




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