Update: Brother’s House

My brother was telling us more of the things that has been happening there at his house. The other night my brother and his girlfriend were laying in bed trying to sleep. Our family had some traumatizing news about my father’s health, so we had been at the hospital all day…it was a pretty emotional day. He said they were laying there just talking about the day when they heard crying. Thinking that it was his girlfriend’s son they get up and check to see if he was ok. My brother then says, “Sis, he was passed out! No crying, no tears, NOTHING!” My brother goes on to say that he picked the 2 year old up took him to their room and let him sleep in between them for the night. The rest of the night my brother couldn’t sleep.

My brother then states that the next day his girlfriend was sitting on the bed painting her toe nails and on their bed, the middle of the bed was their laundry basket. He said that no one was bouncing, jumping or really moving around on the bed for the basket to fall of the bed. It startled them as well as giving them chills.


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