Update on my Brother’s House

Our father is sick, kidney cancer and congestive heart failure seem to plague him. The many hospital visits, new information giving us 3 to 6 months with my father. After them taking the kidney it has spread, he has a mass in his brain and more in his lower back. The heart seems to be giving out.

All my brother’s encounters have started once our father’s health started to decline.

The thought was it could be our great-aunt who died in the house, even our great-uncle who also died in the house. We keep thinking that they are here to take dad with them. Yet, we are truly unsure who it is.

My father was just released from the hospital and he is happy to be home.

My brother has told us that over the last few days he has heard a lady talking like she was talking to someone. However, he does not recognize the voice. He has tried to get it on recording but still nothing. I suggested that he keeps the recorder going all night that way when he was sleeping he would be able to catch whatever it is talking through out the night. He has agreed to that. Hopefully he can get something so I can post it to the next update. I just hope it isn’t my aunt taking our father.

Update: My brother just called me. He was telling me about 5am this morning he felt a touch on his shoulder. He felt the hairs on his next stand straight up. He asked who touched him and no response. He finished getting ready for work. Went to the kitchen and left for work. I asked him if he felt scared? He said that he wasn’t scared he actually felt warm and at peace.





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