Recent Experiences at My House

I was in the middle of cooking breakfast this morning when my spouse comes in. “Did you come in and cuddle with me earlier?” I say, “Nope, I was outside on the back porch, then came back to the kitchen….why?”

Then I turn to look at my spouse to see their face drained of color and shocked. “Are you sure you didn’t come in there?” I am puzzled on why I was being asked since I already said I had not. “Yes I am sure I didn’t go in there!”

Here is what happened….

My spouse was laying there sleeping and felt someone crawl into the bed behind them. Then arms going around them as if they were cuddling….still asleep they turn their head to say good morning only to see nothing there. At that point there was no more sleeping. It was so bad that my spouse can not shake the feeling of something cuddling them.

Second story:

We finally sat down at the dinning room table for breakfast when our daughter came in, made her food, sat down….her boyfriend joined us. So we told her what happened….”OMG! Last night I heard 3 sets of 2 knocks at my doors downstairs. The first set was at the spiral staircase “knock, knock”…I got up and opened the door thinking it was one of you two and there is no one there. The second set was in the bathroom, where the utility room door is…I checked it out and there was nothing. Then again the last set was three knocks at the spiral staircase door. Still nothing! I had a hard time getting back to sleep after all that.”

So now we are puzzled on what is going on or what did the knocks or cuddling but will find out just cause some of us just can’t sleep when stuff like this happens. It can really get teh nerves going.


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