Last Night

It was my first night home after staying with my parents. I do a lot of back and forth since my dad is now on hospice care. It was nice being back in my own bed but yet I had a hard time falling asleep. Thoughts clouded my head of what was yet to come and the memories of the past.

It was a little past midnight when I started to close my eyes when I heard a knock, a single knock come from the front door. I jumped up quickly to see who it was and once again no one was there. I took 5 steps to the window that is right by the door. There was nothing there. I went back to bed. I did not hear anymore knocking the rest of the night.

I layed there waiting for more knocking, but there was no more knocking. This knocking can be very annoying because it can come from inside the house (the sound) or at the front door…..I have tried to record it but it comes across with tons of static. So I hope soon I can get something more physical to post on here so everyone can hear it.



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