This is not paranormal but it happened….

Last night was a restless night. I tossed and turned all night long with maybe 10 mins worth of sleep inbetween each moment of turning.

It was 4:00am when the doorbell rang…one single push of the button. As I jump up as soon as it went off. Now know I was not asleep, I simply was laying trying to sleep. Anyways, I hoped up and took a few steps to look out the bathroom window…which is in the front of the house. Next thing I seen creeped me out so bad I can’t get what I seen out of my head…  

It was a person with a white sheet over it’s body. However, i couldn’t see a face because their back was towards me. It looked like since no one opened the door, it was leaving. 

As soon as it was out of sight I ran to the other room where my spouse was sleeping and woke her. We checked all the doors and windows to make sure everything was locked. Called the cops and waited. 

Cops never came to us, but we did see them driving up and down the street. Needless to say we didn’t go back to bed because the creep factor was high and we were still in shock.

I am currently home by myself, stepdaughter moved out last week, spouse is at work. I am still nerved about what had happened. 

Attached is a rough sketch of what I seen through the window.

 it was still dark out…but this is the sheet walking away from the door. Now it never tried to open the screen door, ut just rang the doorbell. No knocking, nothing more than just ringing the doorbell.


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