Update on My Brother’s house

My brother’s girlfriend finally has seen something that no one else has…well in our family. She was laying in their bed and as my brother slept something woke her. She opening her eyes to see this skinny man come up from through their bedroom floor. It stared at her for about what seemed like 5 […]

My Mom’s Story

It has been 12 days since my dad has passed. Family has stopped coming over to give us all a break from the monotony of people. My mom shared her story of what happened the other night with me. My mom was getting her feet rubbed by her sister while they watched tv. My aunt […]


This is not paranormal but it happened…. Last night was a restless night. I tossed and turned all night long with maybe 10 mins worth of sleep inbetween each moment of turning. It was 4:00am when the doorbell rang…one single push of the button. As I jump up as soon as it went off. Now […]

I’m sorry

I am sorry that I have not posted everything that has been happening here but my father passed away, my daughter is moving out, and family is coming from out of town for the funeral services. I have wrote down everything that is going on and when things start clearing up I will post them.

What the….

I am typing this as I am using the bathroom…yes, I apologize but this is a TMI. Anyways, I am sitting here flipping through facebook, looking for anything interesting to keep me busy….and ….all of a sudden I hear. Hello! Just so you know my daughter and her boyfriend are downstairs in her room….this hello […]

Last Night

It was my first night home after staying with my parents. I do a lot of back and forth since my dad is now on hospice care. It was nice being back in my own bed but yet I had a hard time falling asleep. Thoughts clouded my head of what was yet to come […]