Update on my Brother’s House

Our father is sick, kidney cancer and congestive heart failure seem to plague him. The many hospital visits, new information giving us 3 to 6 months with my father. After them taking the kidney it has spread, he has a mass in his brain and more in his lower back. The heart seems to be […]

Update: Brother’s House

My brother was telling us more of the things that has been happening there at his house. The other night my brother and his girlfriend were laying in bed trying to sleep. Our family had some traumatizing news about my father’s health, so we had been at the hospital all day…it was a pretty emotional […]

My brother’s house

Let me go on by saying the house he lives in was owned by our great aunt and uncle. They purchased the house back in 1971 from an attorney that was selling it for his client who was in a nursing home. When they finally settled all purchasing agreements and all that good stuff the […]

Update on my house

  1. I was laying in the spare room watching YouTube and heard people talking. Yes, there are three others living there but it was 2:45 a.m. and they were all asleep…not even light sleepers or sleep talkers…so naturally, I go looking for where it was coming. I could not pin point the area. I […]

Three knocks

I have start this by saying I do not scare easy. Yet, I do love to scare others. I cannot express enough the pure joy I get from their terrified faces! My story starts off year two in our new house. That day was normal like any other day. Got up, cleaned house while drinking […]